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Discover True Anatomic Mechanics (TAM) with Pronto Aligners


Frustrated with Mid-Course Corrections? There's a Better Way! 

Introducing Blue Sky Bio's ProntoAligners. 

Groundbreaking True Anatomic Mechanics Aligners, raising the standard of Aligner treatment. Recent studies show that more than 50% of Aligner cases require a midcourse refinement correction during aligner treatment due to inaccurate tooth movement.



Because traditional aligners are planned with less than 50% of the relevant data during the planning and aligner manufacturing process. Root anatomy is what actually determines the movement mechanics of the teeth. Yet only the crowns of the teeth are scanned and used for the design of current aligner therapy.


This causes inaccurate tooth movement. Blue Sky Bio’s revolutionary AI-based ProntoAligner solution is a game-changer, using a cone beam scan for root anatomy in addition to an optical scan to capture the crowns. The segmented CT teeth and roots are merged with the crown data of the optical scan, to create full teeth with complete root and anatomical information.

The AI True Anatomic Mechanics engine calculates the exact location of force vectors, based on complete teeth with root anatomy. The planned tooth movement is now accurate and not a guess, eliminating the need for most midcourse refinement corrections.


It’s easy to see the difference between ProntoAligners “True Anatomic Mechanics” teeth movement represented in natural color, versus the standard “Guessing Mechanics” teeth movement represented in red.

ProntoAligners revolutionary AI-driven True Anatomy Mechanic Aligners mean fewer appointments, faster case completions, improved clinical results, and a higher level of patient care.


Experience the future of aligner treatment.

Order Pronto Aligners for predictable tooth movement and a smoother aligner experience for you and your patients.

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